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Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

August 21st - August 28th
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Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

August 15th - August 21st
WK 19- Innovative Recreation Programming

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

August 8th - August 14th
WK 18- Innovative Recreation Programming


Visitor Policy- Appendix A- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix A- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix A- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix A- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix A- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix A- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix A- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix A- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix A- ONLINE VERSION


Visitor Policy- Appendix B- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix B- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix B- ONLINE VERSION
Visitor Policy- Appendix B- ONLINE VERSION

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

August 1st - August 7th
WK 17- Innovative Recreation Programming

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

July 25th - July 31st
WK 16- Innovative Recreation Programming

Letter From Our General Manager


Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

July 18th - July 24th
WK 15- Innovative Recreation Programming

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

July 11th - July 17th
WK 14- Innovative Recreation Programming
COVID-19 Update #13

Letter From Our General Manager

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

July 4th - July 10th
WK 13- Innovative Recreation Programming


Canada Day 2020

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

June 27th - July 3rd
WK 12- Innovative Recreation Programming

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

June 21st - June 26th
WK 11- Innovative Recreation Programming


Information Package Outdated
Information Package Part 2 Outdated
Information Package Part 3
Information Package Part 4
Information Package Part 5
Information Package Part 6
Information Package Part 7
Information Package Part 8
Information Package Part 9


Signage for Visitors Outdated
Signage for Visitors Outdated
Guidelines for Outdoor Visits During COVID
COVID-19 Update #12

Letter From Our General Manager

June 15, 2020




Dear Residents, Families, Friends, Staff:


"Thanks to the hard work of our frontline workers and the collective efforts of everyone in stopping the spread, we can now allow families to reunite with their loved ones safely and in person with strict public health measures to protect residents, visitors and staff," said Premier Ford. "But I ask everyone to be cautious and act responsibly as the battle to contain COVID-19 is not over and the risk to our loved ones still remains."


I couldn’t agree more with Premier Ford’s statement that we must be cautious and act responsibly. This update will confirm the recent announcement from the Ontario government that family and friends will be allowed access to retirement homes beginning June 18th.  As Heritage Place plans to implement a gradual implementation of re-opening our home, it is our expectation that residents and visitors will respect the guidelines put forth as they relate to compliance issued by the RHRA and Ministries of Health, both provincial and local, as well as our internal policies.  With the possible spread of COVID-19 still presenting a threat to congregate living facilities, it is imperative that we continue to enforce strict guidelines with respect to proper infection control procedures and protocols in order to protect, YOU, our most vulnerable. While we are extremely happy to welcome visitations, Heritage Place will proceed gradually, one step at a time and every effort will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all.






  • must pre-arrange visits 24 hours in advance and adhere to the visiting time restrictions.  Visitations will begin with one visitor at a time.  We strongly recommend limiting the number of visits. 

  • must call HP’s main number to be directed to our scheduling desk to make an appointment.

  • are subject to strict health and safety protocols.

  • must pass active screening every time they visit and confirm with screening staff that they have been tested and received negative results for COVID-19 within the previous two weeks.

  • must enter through the front door.  Patio entrances are prohibited as well as entrances through building exit doors.

  • will be provided education on all required protocols at the active screening table upon entrance and must agree to the meeting arrangements whether indoor or outdoor prior to the commencement of their visit.

  • must be compliant with the infection prevention and control protocols (IPAC) with hand hygiene, proper PPE, and physical distancing during both inside and outside visitations.

  • must provide, bring, and wear the required face covering during all visits.  If the visit is indoors, a surgical/procedure mask must be worn at all times.  Cloth face coverings outside.  No mask, no visit.  Heritage Place is unable to provide surgical/procedure masks to visitors. 

  • must agree to visit only one resident per visit in the building.  If a visitor wishes to visit more than one resident, a separate visit should be scheduled.

  • must agree to identify to staff any items brought into the home for the resident so they may be disinfected by staff, if appropriate.

  • must be logged by staff, arrival and exit times will be recorded for tracing purposes.

  • must agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the procedures and protocols in place or entry will be denied.  Non-compliance could result in a discontinuation of visits.

  • showing symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter, will be advised to go home immediately to self-isolate and will be encouraged to be tested.




Effective June 18th, 2020



Indoor Visitations


  • All indoor visitations will be pre-arranged, “in suite” only, by appointment only – no roaming in other areas of the home, no common area congregating.

  • Maximum one person, per resident, per suite, per visit.

  • Call reception to be directed to scheduling desk.  Book time with 24 hours notice in advance.  Short notice requests will be based on availability only.

  • Visitation hours are limited to avoid interference with the orderly conduct of distribution of meals and services to our residents.

  • Visits are limited to 45 minutes MAXIMUM to ensure proper sanitization to all high touch surfaces in between.

  • Daily visitation hours (Monday – Sunday):

  • 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (last appointment is at 3:45 p.m.)

  • Appointments accepted every hour, on the hour, for 45 minutes.        

  • Surgical/procedure masks are required for all indoor visitations.  No mask.  No visit.



Outdoor Visitations


  • NO OUTDOOR VISITATIONS on the property will be scheduled at this time.

  • Visitors are not allowed to ‘meet up’ in areas, or roam on the property.  

  • No drive through or property walk visitations. 

  • Heritage “WALK” Program is suspended until further notice.

  • Outdoor entertainment will continue as scheduled.



Quick Facts


  • In the event of an outbreak at Heritage Place, non-essential visits will again be restricted, and only essential visitors will be allowed.

  • If a second wave of COVID-19 occurs, the government will revert to restricting visitors to protect residents and staff.

  • Visitations are not permitted when a resident is self-isolating or symptomatic, or if Heritage Place is in an outbreak.

  • These restrictions are meant to provide meaningful and equitable access to visits for all residents, while considering the staffing and space capacity available at Heritage Place to maintain safety of residents, staff, and visitors.

  • Testing of retirement home residents for COVID-19 is in the process of being completed.  Heritage Place is awaiting notification of our turn from our Provincial Public Health.

  • Plans for staff testing are currently in the works, with plans for additional rounds of testing going forward.







Effective June 18th, 2020



Requirements for Residents leaving the property



Heritage Place residents who wish to go outside of the home’s property, i.e.: short absences with friends or family, shopping, medical appointments, etc.) are permitted to do so if the following requirements are met:


  • Heritage Place is NOT in an outbreak.

  • Residents leaving the facility must arrange to meet their family/friend outside the building. (i.e.: outside the vestibule in the carport).

  • Residents must provide details of outside visitations for COVID-19 tracing purposes.  (i.e.: where will you be going, for how long & who will you be visiting?)

  • Residents are responsible for supplying and wearing a cloth mask while they are on short absences.  (Please note that Heritage Place will be providing cloth masks when our order is received, hopefully next week).

  • Residents must pass active screening every time they re-enter Heritage Place.

  • Residents must attest that they are not experiencing any of the typical and atypical symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Short absences from Heritage Place are limited to a maximum of 12 hours and cannot be overnight.

  • Residents that cannot meet these conditions must agree to follow existing outbreak or self-isolation policies.

  • Residents leaving for more than 12 hours:

  • must notify the General Manager,

  • must be tested before their return,

  • must test negative and return within 24 hours.

  • Residents that leave for any medical or out-patient visit will be provided with a surgical/procedure mask to be worn for the duration of their medical visit.



While the above may seem excessive to you, it is my opinion that we have come so far in our efforts to remain COVID-19 free and it seems a shame that this could unravel right before our eyes in a very short period of time.  We are healthier than we have ever been right now, and all our hard work will have been for nothing if we let our guard down.  I urge you to be cautious and mindful of your actions.



With continued hope towards a healthier future,



Melody Lane


General Manager

Hello! Here's a video of some residents just checking in on you. I hope everyone's doing well, we miss you! Please watch the video. Enjoy!

COVID-19 Update #11

Letter From Our General Manager

June 9, 2020

Dear Residents, Families, Friends, Staff: 


These are intense times to be working and living in a retirement home.  The world is a different place than it was just a few months ago, and the way we do business is not like before.  For all of us, it means learning and adapting as we go.  At the same time, we are also learning to deal with the fears of adjusting to life with COVID-19.   


To date, Heritage Place has been fortunate to have no confirmed cases of COVID-19.  We continue to work hard at keeping everyone healthy and safe during this crisis – and we could not do it without the tireless efforts of our dedicated frontline staff along with your cooperation.  This pandemic has brought out the best in our staff who are committed to their passion as essential workers.  Our newer and younger group stationed at our front screening desk are working together assisting our programming team in their daily WALK initiatives.  They are there to assist and support our compliance to new legislation and bylaws issued as Directives to Retirement Homes.  While it may seem excessive to you, please keep in mind that it is very important to keep the programming as organized as possible, while also following the directives set out by our governing bodies.  Our goal to provide all residents with the opportunity of getting daily exercise comes under the Ministry’s Directive to maintain physical distancing of at least two metres along with the Ministry’s Directive that residents must be told to remain on the home’s property.   Non-compliance of these Directives, (i.e.: leaving the property for any reason, for contact with family or friends, or planned grocery/pharmacy store visits, etc.) may warrant a 14-day isolation period upon your return.  Prior to starting any outside appointments, residents should consider whether the appointment is essential and consult our nursing staff for assistance.  Our nurse will contact the medical professional to determine whether a virtual appointment is an alternative or if they are still taking appointments. The past weeks have presented challenges for all of us in our attempts to follow provincial emergency regulations. 


The recent announcements of Phase 1 and now Phase 2’s reopening of the province is great news, but it does not mean the COVID-19 virus has been eradicated, or that we can return to business as usual.  The government is easing restrictions in communities where it is safe to do so, based on trends of key public health indicators such as lower rates of transmission, increased capacity in hospitals, and progress made in testing. Regions that will move into Phase 2 do not include Halton Public Health at this time.  The virus will persist until there is a vaccine, plus, there is also a real possibility of a second outbreak in the fall.  There will be continued surveillance of residents and staff to quickly identify symptoms in efforts to stop any spread of the virus.  


As the days and weeks go by, I am convinced that we must now learn to co-exist with COVID-19 and initiate plans to do so.  In a previous communication, we were informed that a plan for Provincial COVID-19 Testing of all Retirement Home residents and staff was underway.  There have been no further updates and we are still anxiously waiting to be notified when it will be our turn.   


In the meantime, Heritage Place is preparing for our own eventual day to reopen starting with the dining room.  We are looking to set new protocols and procedures.  We are investigating and developing a plan that will help us re-open safely without taking unnecessary risks, yet still deliver the best service possible.  Socialization is incredibly important and is our focus as we continue to search for solutions to bring safe social contact back to our residence.  Our efforts will include practicing social distancing in the dining room so you can still enjoy each other’s company.  Our reopening will be gradual and will commence with the Dining Room.  Dining times will be arranged to ensure your safety getting to and from your meals.  Seating considerations per table could possibly be separated by a plexiglass divider to maintain physical distancing.  Although it is difficult for food servers to maintain distance during their duties, we will follow government guidelines for dining areas, such as frequent and thorough handwashing and sanitizing.  All staff are required to wear masks.   

Heritage Place has ordered and will provide all residents with a washable face mask for protection.  We are also considering the installation of plexiglass screening at our reception area to keep both residents and staff safe.  Things will not look the same as what you are used to. 


Other examples of steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our community upon reopening are : 

  • Extra sanitizing – procedures currently in place will be maintained to high-touch and common areas, as well as high-frequency touch points. 

  • Implementing physical distancing - stickers and posters will be placed in areas such as reception, dining room entrances, inside and outside elevators, our vestibule, and outdoor program areas creating visual cues to delineate 2 metre distances. 

  • Mandatory use of masks by our staff in all areas will continue.   

  • Residents’ families must continue to drop off essential supplies in our vestibule maintaining a no- contact drop centre.  

  • New protocols are required for tours and new residents moving in. 

  • New protocols are required for residents returning from short stay absences. 

  • New protocols are in place for move outs. 


The Government of Ontario voted to extend the state of emergency to June 19th, as the province recorded concerning spikes in new COVID-19 infections.  As we are a vulnerable group, Heritage Place will continue our Shelter in Place policy until we figure out the details on how to keep you safe and healthy.   


I wish to inform you, however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!   


As our new initiatives slowly unfold, we are targeting the beginning of July (or sooner if possible) to have our new plans in place.  We are working diligently to implement new procedures as we are looking forward to seeing you in the Dining Room again.  😊 


Rest assured, as top experts and government officials deem it safe to do so and lift emergency restrictions for our sector, we will reach out and continue providing our services to all of you. 


With continued hope towards a healthier future, 

Melody Lane

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

June 6th - June 12th
WK 9 - Innovative Recreation Programming

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

May 30th - June 5th
Innovative Recreation Programming-Wk8-1.
COVID-19 Update #10

Letter From Our General Manager

May 21, 2020


Dear Residents, Families, Friends, Staff:


As we near completion of our 7th week of our shelter in place policy, I am presented with many inquiries wondering WHEN this will end. The flood of information on COVID-19 presented from governing agencies, the news and newspapers, social media, and every other form of media you could possibly think of is so hard to keep up with. To complicate even further, not all sources are reliable and accurate leaving us susceptible to false and misleading information. We are all seeking answers to questions like, “why does social distancing work?” and “when will this all be over?”. There really are no concrete answers yet making it utterly impossible to put a date on when the outbreak will end.


One thing we do know for sure is exactly how deadly the virus is. It is a new virus that has not infected people before, so no one has immunity to it. That means everyone is susceptible to infection and everyone is a potential mode of transmission of the virus to others. It spreads rapidly and widely. As the virus spreads so easily, and without social distancing to slow the rate of infection, our health care systems will be overwhelmed. Everyone is at risk; however, scientists and public health officials worry about people in high-risk groups — seniors living in a communal environment, seniors with underlying health conditions,— who appear more likely to develop severe cases of the disease. And this is serious.


If I may, I will draw your attention to the recent COVID-19 outbreak at a retirement home in Hamilton last weekend. The disease affected the whole home and ripped through with 83 residents and staff combined all testing positive. This is a real example of how COVID-19 can and will impact a home if we dare look the other way.


I truly understand the impact of our shelter in place and the affect it has on everyone at Heritage Place. We have programs in place to keep you as active and engaged as possible under these trying circumstances of the pandemic. I encourage each of you to take every opportunity possible to join in. We also understand how difficult it is to adhere to the restrictions in place. I ask you to consider that without the policy guidelines, our programs will not run smoothly, safely, or securely. It is therefore imperative that we all play by, and acknowledge, the processes in place. There is an expectation that you respect each other and comply with the policy and directives in place as they stand today. It saddens me to have to endure a difficult lifestyle caused by the devastating consequences of COVID-19, but we must understand the “why’s” of the changes. We must remain united and strong to get through this and come out on the other side…HEALTHY. Together, we hold each other’s lives in our hands.


I wish to assure you that we continue to review and take this crisis very seriously as we also continue to consider your health and well being daily. Please be advised, plans for retirement home testing are in the very near future. We will soon be notified by the Ministry of Health as to when this will happen at Heritage Place and further information will come your way on the details as soon as we are informed of the process.


In response to the many, many thank you notes received by many residents, I too want to thank you for your role in assisting us as we endeavour to maintain your health and safety within our home. I commend you for taking this crisis seriously and take my hat off to you for your understanding and cooperation. We are the best! We are COVID-19 free because of you and all our efforts.



With hope towards a healthier future,

Melody Lane

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

May 23rd - May 29th
Innovative Recreation Programming-Wk7-1.


We had a great friday! The weather was really nice. More staff participated!

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

May 16th - May 22nd
week 6 calendar may 2020
COVID-19 Update #9

Letter From Our General Manager

May 12, 2020


Dear Residents, Families, Friends, Staff:


I am sure we are all thinking about what we are going to do when this lockdown is over, whenever it may be.  I have been thinking about it too and those who know me will know that I’ll be headed to a warm, sunny beach in the Caribbean.  Looking forward to feeling my feet in the sand is what keeps me going and I encourage you to look for the light at the end of the tunnel.  Find what you can look forward to and it will help you to get through this crisis.


We are ALL struggling with our individual stress responses — and it’s hard.  It’s hard for frontline workers. It’s hard for managers.  It’s hard for leaders who are responsible for not only the business but also the people at the heart of the business.  At Heritage Place, the impact on our residents is prioritized as we focus on our day-to-day activities.  It feels like a roller coaster as we adjust our strategies in the wake of cancelled events, wrestle with supply-chain challenges and face additional unexpected consequences.  We look to add the most value under these circumstances; whilst also maintaining a sense of cohesiveness between us.  And this is where we need your help.  We know it’s hard for you too and the outbreak of COVID-19 has many of us feeling powerless and overwhelmed.  As the days get longer and the weather gets nicer, it will grow more and more difficult to adhere to our ‘shelter in place’ efforts and as life is anything but “typical” these days, know that we are constantly thinking of ways to take care of you in the face of uncertainty.  A site inspection from Halton Public Health earlier this week commended Heritage Place on the success of the initiatives in place.  At this time, we will continue with our shelter in place policy.


Our city is trying to help with feelings of isolation and loneliness.  On May 1, the City of Burlington launched TelePALS, a free phone service designed to help adults stay connected as everyone practices physical distancing to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. Through TelePALS, residents can participate in free, over-the-phone programs, including:

  • Chat Groups: Join a host-led discussion focused on topics like books, music, hobbies and more

  • Listen and Learn: Listen to interesting topics for part of the program and participate in follow-up discussions

  • Game Shows: Join in the fun of team competitions like trivia and mystery guessing games

  • Ask the Expert: Call in to ask questions to guest subject experts

  • Listen for Enjoyment: Call in and put your phone on speaker to listen to music, stories, updates and presentations.


Programs run Monday to Friday and are approximately one hour long.  No special equipment is needed, any phone will do.  To register for Chat Groups, Listen and Learn, Game Shows or Ask the Expert, residents can leave a message at 905-335-7738, ext. 4662 and a staff member will return your call.  Registrations are accepted up to 24 hours before the start of the programs.  To register for Listen for Enjoyment, please call 1-866-279-1594 ten minutes before the scheduled start time and enter passcode 355760.  All programs available through TelePALS can be viewed online at


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced significant new measures to provide Canadian seniors with greater financial security and give them the help they need during this crisis.  Please refer to for full details.


It’s National Nursing Week (May 11 – 17), and we have an opportunity to pause and celebrate our nurses at Heritage Place.  It takes a special person to be a nurse.  It is a physically, mentally and emotionally demanding job, and one, I’m told, is also tremendously rewarding.  Let me take this opportunity to extend a great big “Thank You” to our nursing team at Heritage Place.  Their actions never go unnoticed and we are so grateful that they are part of our team…Team H.P.  Thank you for being you.


Thank you everyone for your input, your understanding and most of all, your co-operation. 
Be determined.  We will get through this together…no matter how hard it is!


With hope towards a healthier future,

Melody Lane

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

May 9th - May 15th
Innovative Recreation Programming-Week 5


POGO! Corn dogs delivered straight to their suites. Pat and Veronica loved it!
Resident posing with food
resident posing with food


The sky cleared up that day  just in time for our second balcony concert.

Innovative Recreation Programming during COVID-19 Pandemic

May 2nd - May 8th
calendar week 4


Caramel popcorn! We delivered caramel popcorn to our residents' suites. They all loved it! Proof? Here's a picture of Muriel receiving her popcorn.
bags of popcorn
Resident holding a bag of popcorn
COVID-19 Update #8

Letter From Our General Manager

April 28, 2020

Dear Residents, Families, Friends, Staff:


Another week of “shelter in place” and I am elated to report that we are still virus free and we continue to implement every possible precaution to ensure our safety. When you live in a retirement community like you do, there isn’t a heck of a lot that can be done except to stay sheltered in place. At Heritage Place, we have been sheltering in place and physically distancing for just three weeks now, but I will admit, it feels like an eternity!


Our Programming Team has successfully implemented new initiatives that are working very well as we settle in to a new ‘norm’ here. Our Heritage WALK program is rapidly becoming a huge success. We are getting out into the fresh air; however, residents are reminded that leaving the property of Heritage Place is not an option and when outside, remember to keep socially distanced from one another. Team HP will continue to find new ways to connect and know that we appreciate your input should you have creative ideas; keeping in mind, it is imperative that we continue to respect and follow the directives and guidelines issued by our regulatory bodies.


We recognize social isolation is very challenging for seniors and along with it comes the plague of loneliness and boredom. The message I want to send is a message of hope; that we are doing a great job, and that we will get through this! Our efforts are working, and we must remain strong as COVID-19 knocks on our door. This is no time to let our guard down and we will therefore continue our “shelter in place” efforts at Heritage Place until further notice. Reports indicate physical distancing in Ontario is working and the COVID-19 outbreak is peaking according to health officials. While this situation continues to evolve, I truly appreciate the commitment of everyone as we work through this time together. Let us continue to do our part and keep up our efforts to help stop the spread of the virus until this crisis passes. Let us be positive and spread positive thinking.


While some will experience tragedy during this pandemic, this is also a time to reflect on the good that you see emerging around you. Our greatest contribution to our community’s safety may be the role we play as agents of calm and positivity. Remember to practise kindness every day. Avoid spreading panic and unsubstantiated information. Try meditating, practise mindfulness, or pray. Pick up the phone, call or write letters to people you care about but have not recently contacted. Make connections with those around you through technology. Be grateful, smile, know that you are protected, and this crisis will eventually pass. You are not alone in this fight.


I would like to thank our residents, family members, friends, our nurses, and staff for your ongoing support and commitment to fighting this disease.


A BIG SHOUT OUT to my management and frontline heroes. I am so proud of all of you. 



With hope towards a healthier future,

Melody Lane

Heritage Place outdoor concert got featured on Burlington Post with Aidan Purnell


Our first balcony concert with Aidan Purnell!