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Ontario Eases Restrictions. Residents Can Enjoy More Outings and Close Contact with Loved Ones.

The roadmap to Reopen is a three-step plan to reopen the province safely and cautiously and gradually lift public health measures. We must all continue to follow the public health measures, advice and restrictions..

Step 1 of the roadmap focuses on resuming outdoor activities with smaller crowds and permitting limited indoor settings with restrictions.

The COVID-19 Directives issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) are established for retirement homes to ensure the health and safety of its residents and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Retirement homes are required to have operational policies and procedures in place for visitors, absences, and activities that are compliant with Directive #3 and guided by the policies from the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility (MSAA) and the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA).

The updates in this communication are detailed and extensive and take into consideration the high immunization rates achieved in retirement homes.

Please read carefully and feel free to direct any questions to myself or Ann Swaby.

Symptom Screening of All Residents

In suite temperature checks have been reduced to once per day commencing Saturday, June 12th. All residents must be assessed at least once daily for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Daily temperature checks will continue Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends. These times are approximate and subject to change.

All residents will continue to be screened upon entering and exiting the building, but temperatures will not be required at the screening desk, unless a resident is returning from an overnight stay.

For required contact tracing purposes, all absences must be recorded at the screening desk and residents are still required to report their reasons for absences if leaving the property.


Public Health factors impact decisions about allowing visits in retirement homes. In order meet compliance, adequate staffing and access to testing complete with PPE and IPAC standards must be met.

Outdoor Visitors

The size of our property makes it challenging to organize, record, supervise and manage a designated outdoor space for General Visitors as mandated by the factors above. We are currently not equipped to monitor outdoor visitors on the property due to IPAC protocols involving adequate staffing and access to adequate testing.

The Gazebo is set up to allow for resident-to-resident social interactions with each other, only. We therefore trust all residents will adhere to the directives of masking and hand hygiene including physical distancing of 2-meter separation. Outdoor visitations with family members and friends should be conducted off-site or in suite as per the directives listed below.

Indoor Visitors

While outdoor or off-site visits are encouraged as much as possible, we will endeavour to manage all indoor visitations as per government mandates.

  • General Visitors may now visit a resident in their suite

  • Common areas (lounges, vestibule, library, and lobby) are currently off limits for visitations with General Visitors

  • All General Visitors must book in advance in accordance with the times available and limited to one (1) hour.

  • Only one resident per suite may have General Visitors at any one time. A maximum of five (5) individuals (from different households), including the resident(s) and only if space allows for physical distancing is allowed. Otherwise, the number of visitors must be limited accordingly.

  • General Visitors must enter through the front door, pass screening requirements and must agree to comply with public health measures while visiting.

  • Visitors and residents must wear surgical masks for the duration of the visit. •

  • Heritage Place is pleased to continue providing all persons with surgical masks [if required].

  • Visitors and residents must maintain physical distancing for the duration of the in-suite visit. This is with the exception of brief physical contact when hugging.

  • Movement around the home must be limited.

  • General Visitors may not visit a resident who is self-isolating and on Droplet and Contact Precautions.

  • Failure to comply with visiting policies may result in discontinuation of visit(s) when risk of harm from continual non-compliance is considered too high. Visitors in non-compliance may be refused entry.

  • Record keeping of visits at the screening desk must be kept for contact tracing purposes which includes name, contact information, date and time of visit and resident visited.

  • Opening windows should be considered for indoor, in-suite visits to allow for air circulation.

Eye Protection

While Directive #3 mandates that Essential Visitors and Staff wear face protection (goggles or shields) while interacting directly with residents, it is not a requirement for General Visitors.

We respectfully request and encourage all General Visitors to consider following this protocol during indoor visitations. Heritage Place will continue to provide eye protection to all visitors.

Personal Caregivers

Personal Care Service Providers will be permitted to provide services in alignment with STEP 2 of the provincial requirements. Heritage Place is ready to implement hairdressing services upon the move to STEP 2 [July 2nd] or sooner if advised otherwise.

Admissions and Transfers

  • For fully immunized residents:

- a lab-based PCR test is required at time of admission/transfer. The resident(s) must be placed in isolation on Droplet and Contact Precautions. Precautions can be discontinued upon receipt of a negative test.

  • For partially immunized or unimmunized residents:

- a lab-based PCR test is required at time of admission/transfer, and the resident(s) must be placed in isolation on Droplet and Contact Precautions for a minimum of 10 days. A second negative lab-based PCR test result collected on day 8 is required to discontinue isolation on Droplet and Contact Precautions on day 10.


Essential and Social Outings AND Temporary (overnight) absences are permitted unless the resident is self-isolating.

  • residents must follow public health measures during the absence.

  • active screening on return.

  • testing or self-isolation is not required upon return.

Social gatherings and Organized Events

Social gatherings and organized events are now permitted with the following limitations:

  • must not exceed 25% of the total capacity of the room.

  • must be limited to no more than 25 people if the area allows.

The bus and fitness equipment will resume when operationally feasible and only if public health directives can be adhered to. There is a requirement to service the existing equipment prior to offering these services and scheduling usage.

Stay tuned for further updates and initiatives from the recreation department as we take steps to roll-out programs.

Communal Dining

We look forward to returning to “normal” in the Dining Room and opening our doors to our Bungalow friends that we haven’t seen for so long!

While we commence with re-training and re-scheduling of staff, we anticipate a full re-opening effective July 6th .

Until then, the Directives prohibit General Visitors in the Dining Room.


  • Virtual tours should be implemented as much as possible.

  • Prospective residents may be offered in-person tours.

Dear Residents, Families and Staff,

Your health and safety have been and always will be my number one priority. To say it has been a long-haul is an understatement and nothing that you have not already heard.

We have come through this together as a unified Team.

I quote the following about a timeless tale:

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