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COVID-19 – 2nd WAVE Communication #9

Dear Residents, Families, Friends, Staff:

On December 21, the Ontario government, in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, and other health experts, announced it is imposing a Provincewide Shutdown. Additional restrictions will be put into place and reinforce that Ontarians should stay at home as much as possible to minimize transmission of COVID-19 and prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

The Provincewide Shutdown will go into effect as of 12:01 AM on Saturday, December 26, 2020.

For the duration of the Provincewide Shutdown, all retirement homes must abide by the policies for public health units in Grey (Lockdown) zones. The impacts of the shutdown will be evaluated throughout the next 14 days in Northern Ontario and 28 days in Southern Ontario to determine if it is safe to lift any restrictions or if they need to be extended.

Heritage Place will move to the GREY (LOCKDOWN) Zone as of the effective date of the provincewide shutdown noted above. Please be advised, active screening policies and monitoring protocols will be enforced upon exiting and returning to the home.

GREY (LOCKDOWN) POLICY at Heritage Place The following rules apply specifically to a home in Grey (Lockdown) zone. Additional restrictions will apply when a home is in outbreak and/or if a resident is self-isolating or symptomatic. Local public health units will advise further restrictions or requirements.

General Visitors

  • Not permitted indoors or outdoors.

  • No congregating in the front vestibule, near or under the carport, at the front door or anywhere else on the property of Heritage Place.

Caregivers and Support Workers (Essential)

  • A maximum of one (1) caregiver per resident may visit at a time.

  • Any number of support workers who are care providers (regulated health professionals or unregulated care providers) may visit a resident in a home at a time.

  • A maximum of one (1) support worker who is NOT a care provider per resident may visit at a time (e.g., emergency maintenance worker).

Personal Care Service Providers

  • Personal care service providers are not permitted.

Absences that do not include an overnight stay

  • Residents may be permitted to leave the home for walks or essential purposes ONLY (e.g., groceries, medical appointments, filling prescriptions).

  • Residents must advise the screening table when exiting and pass active screening upon returning to the home.

  • Residents who do not pass screening upon return to the home, will be required to immediately self-isolate, be tested for COVID-19, and with a negative test result, continue self-isolation under Droplet and Contact Precautions for the duration of the 14 days.

Absence that includes an overnight stay

  • Overnight absences not allowed.

  • While not permitted, if a resident does leave the home for an overnight absence, they must self-isolate for 14 days under Droplet and Contact Precautions but are not required to be tested upon re-entry to the home.

Breaches of Protocol and Safety Measures

  • During the Lockdown, and over the holiday season, all residents, their family, friends, and staff are expected to follow Grey (Lockdown) protocols, safety measures, and mandated government requirements to avoid any breach of policy.

  • In cases where lockdown protocols are breached, deliberately or not, resident(s) will be required to self-isolate for a 14-day duration under Droplet and Contact Precautions. COVID-19 testing may be required.

  • In cases where lockdown protocols are breached and a resident(s) is required to self- isolate as a result, tray service will be implemented and charged according to the home’s ‘room service’ tray policy. Refer to Resident Handbook for details.

Admissions from the community or hospital

  • Admissions are allowed in all levels but must follow the protocols in the revised Directive #3 – a COVID-19 test and a 14-day isolation period is mandatory.

  • Admissions from the community/hospital are not allowed if the home is in outbreak.

Social Activities

  • Virtual programming only. (exercise, concerts, hallway fun and one-on-one iPad programs).

  • Group activities will not be offered until further notice.


• Not permitted.

Dining • No changes to the current set up. Yeah, for the plexiglass!

I can only reiterate the importance of following the mandated restrictions put forth by the Ontario Government and the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

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