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COVID-19 – 2nd WAVE Communication 11

Dear Residents, Families, Friends, Staff:

Effective Tuesday, February 16, 2021, at 12:01 a.m., the Halton Public Health region moved back to the Provincial Framework and is no longer subject to the Stay-at-Home order.

General Visitors

General Visitors are NOT permitted to visit homes in Outbreak, Orange (Restrict), Red (Control), Grey (Lockdown) levels. Support Workers Homes in Outbreak, Orange, Red, and Grey levels:

  • Any number of support workers who are care providers (regulated health professionals or unregulated care providers) may visit a resident in a home at a time.

  • A maximum of one (1) support worker who is NOT a care provider per resident may visit at a time (e.g., maintenance worker).


The restrictions on numbers of caregiver visitors remain the same from the previous Visiting Policy. Homes in Outbreak, Orange, Red and Grey levels:

  • A maximum of one (1) caregiver per resident may visit at a time

Personal Care Service Providers Homes in Outbreak, Red and Grey levels:

  • Personal care service providers are NOT permitted (e.g., hairdresser, laundry service).

Absence that does not include an overnight stay Homes in Outbreak, Orange, Red and Grey Levels:

Absence that includes an overnight stay

Homes in Outbreak, Orange, Red and Grey Levels:

  • An absence that includes an overnight stay is not permitted.

Admissions from the community/hospital

  • Are allowed in all levels but must follow the protocols in the revised Directive #3.

  • Admissions from the community/hospital are not allowed if the home is in outbreak.

Social Activities Social activities which adhere to public health measures are permitted in all levels if they are:

  • Consistent with CMOH Directives, provincial orders, including group size, and any additional advice from the local PHU.

  • Organized in such a way to maximize resident and staff safety.

Homes must ensure participants and activity facilitators:

  • Wear face coverings/masks and eye protection.

  • Maintain physical distancing of at least two metres at all times.

  • Adhere to IPAC measures.

  • Conduct activities in designated areas; and

  • Ensure enhanced environmental cleaning of designated areas prior to and following activities.

Retirement Homes are subject to the Ontario government’s restrictions on social gatherings per the Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Grey level group size limits.

At this time, Heritage Place will continue to implement virtual programming (exercise, concerts, hallway fun and one-on-one iPad programs). Group activities will not be offered until further notice. Tours Homes in Orange and Red levels:

  • May offer targeted tours of empty suites at the final stage of home selection process.

  • General tours should be virtual.

As per Directive #3:

Visitors General Visitors are NOT allowed if the home is located in a public health unit region in an Orange, Red or Grey level. Admissions from the community/hospital

  • All admissions and transfers need to be tested for COVID-19 in accordance with the COVID-19 Provincial Testing Requirements Update.

  • The receiving home must have a plan to ensure the resident being admitted (except for those who have cleared COVID-19) can complete 14 days of self-isolation, under Droplet and Contact Precautions

  • Individuals must be placed in a single room on admission to complete their 14-day self-isolation. Where this is not possible, individuals may be placed in a room with no more than one (1) other resident who should also be placed in isolation under Droplet and Contact Precautions.

  • Other COVID-19 preparedness measures.

Universal Masking & Eye Protection

The Directive requires all staff and essential visitors to wear a surgical/procedure mask during the entire duration of their shift/visit, regardless of whether the home is in outbreak or not.

Outdoor visits should remain 2 meters apart from the individual they are visiting and from the home’s staff and are required to wear face masks and eye protection at all times. Retirement Homes are required to have policies for masking regarding residents. Residents must wear masks in common indoor areas in the Retirement Home.

Working together to keep you safe!

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